An app for all phones

With the power of smart phones growing at an exponential rate we have taken our iConnect app and have starting building so that it works on any Apple, Android or Microsoft smart phone.

The app can be installed by simply following a web link or typing in a web address, followed by a quick registration, so you know who is using the app.

You can store agendas, speaker bios and document library with the app as well as the ability to ask a question, feedback forms and take part in votes.


Main screen integration

The output screen can be customised via a WYSIWYG interface. You have the ability to show messages and questions that are coming in via a facilitator's tablet, word clouds and word spheres can be generated and displayed within a few seconds of a question being asked.

Voting questions can quickly be added and the results can be displayed in real time.

So simple, you can run the system yourself with backend support from our offices.

Bring Your Own Device